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  • 2 weeks later...

I wunt bother going to this, if you av terriers that is, its won be for the show starts, by a certain bill oddy look a like called mr Atkinson wi his black n tans, he nos all the judges up that end o woods, by pass the show n go to brid for the day

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Hi 'Massey 72' whoever you are, I am a good friend of Mr. Atkinsons or the childishly known 'Bill' as you refer to him as! He is quite amused at the fact that you have nothing else better to do than trawling the Internet having a go at people and clearly showing great jealousy towards people! (Jealousy is not a good trait to have) What actually upsets him and speaking on behalf of others more is the fact that you also have a go at Bob Gibsons show at Boon Hill!

The fact that you are judging people like Mr Gibson and his group of friends who have been around the terrier world, shows and hunting for alot of years, is quite an insult!

Bearing in mind Mr Gibson is in his 70s , raised over 3k last year for Yorkshire Air Ambulance and continues to support charities!

Now if you want to call 'Billy' why not instead go and introduce yourself and you can have an intellectual conversation or is that beneath you? As hiding behind a keyboard isn't proving your the bigger person you clearly think you are! He doesn't say he knows everything or everyone, you were also incorrect with your statements about him knowing all the judges because he doesn't. He will know some yes because if you are going to shows you do get to know people. He goes to shows regardless of who's judging nor does he follow certain judges around! And funny he didn't win Boon Hill nor did he win Saltersgate! However we did go all the way to Wales and went on to Win Entered Championship .....As well as doing exceptional at Lowther this previous weekend! So therefore I think we can come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with the location of the shows! I am sure if you introduce yourself you could share your obvious great legendary intellect with him! I am sure he will look forward to meeting you as he is a really nice man and actually a lot better for knowing! Think in future before you have a swipe at people!


Your worse than a sabatour hiding behind a mask!

He will probably be at Rosedale Saturday and Lythe Farmers Show on Sunday if you have any thing further to say to him! Rather then slagging people off on the internet!!! Take care and good luck with the rest of the season!

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Go on old lad av clearly touch a nerve there, he nos who I am am the lad wi the two black patterdales, al b at a show in Huddersfield this Sunday and at ottley show the week after, he won't b tho as he won't no the judges, I don't av to hide be hind any key board, and am certainly nothing like a sabatour, I look forward to meeting you and bill, al gladly av my say,were is it av put sum thing about mr Gibson av never erd ov him, he mite do a lot for charity but so did jimmy savel n we all no [BANNED TEXT] went on there, why av you cum on ere avin a say [BANNED TEXT] its clearly got nothing to do wi you, tho I must say yr write up is good it must ov taken you all day to write that and I bet u ad a dictionary at side o you while you did as your spelling is second to none,carnt bill speak for him self, let me give u an example ov bill shall I, at the Pickering show this year I and bill wa showing are dogs, [BANNED TEXT] it got to the entered terrier class guess who judged it??? No other then mr Atkinson wtf, how can u show yr dogs then go on and judge a class then go bak to showing yr dogs, a lot ov shows are spoilt by not the dogs that win the shows but there owners, and every show av been to this year with Atkinson in he the judges av known his dogs names never mind his, plz don't reply bak as this as got sod all to do with you,

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Educated that's all! No dictionary and certainly didn't take all day as unlike yourself I do not have time for slating people on the internet out of pure envy! However your comment about my spelling is very kind!


There are plenty of judges that also show! So there's a point shut down automatically!


And as for telling me you have 2 black patterdales!....Well that narrows it down doesn't it!! That's quite amusing! Bless you!


And in regards to Bob Gibson, you are advising people to not go to his charitable event only due to the fact that you clearly have a problem with Mr Atkinson!! What kind of person are you to do that! (Well actually your Jimmy Savile comment as already opened my eyes as to what type of person you are)


Let's say people did actually listen to your complete nonsense, therefore you could have cost the show it's usual amount of people, therefore less money for charity! That's not a proud moment of yours now is it!!


Your still hiding behind your keyboard as having 2 patterdales is still not bringing us any further forward as to who you are!!


So in further....it you have nothing nice to say about a person then do not say anything at all! Nor slag them off on an Internet forum!! Thankyou, good luck at Ottley and Huddersfield!! I hope you do ever so well!!

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Let myself down there didn't I....typo....


So in future....If you have nothing nice to say about a person then do not say anything at all! Nor slag them off on an Internet forum!! Thankyou, good luck at Ottley and Huddersfield!! I hope you do ever so well!!

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Ferret show was a let down bloke judging unloaded his mates ferrets out of his van guess what they did very well! , our ferrets were left unattended at the end any one could of walked off with them !

obviously your ferret were not of a quality of the winning ferrets which are owned by a 12 year old girl the same girl that cleaned up at Danby show under a different judge, theres nothing worse than a sore loser, if you ask the girl in question im sure she would help you out by gifting you one of her young ferret free of charge to give you a fighting chance at your next show.

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