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Keeping The Pup Active

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needed to be out and about so
decided to go have a look at some cut barley fields got there 10.30 not a bird to be seen anywhere. so i went to some more fields farmer said hundreds there yesterday when picking up nothing i decided to check the zero on the centre fire nothing wrong with it hitting a 2" circle 150 yards happy days.I went back to the first fields and drove around just the odd birds moving about nothing great .on one field there was a few pigeons so decided to have a go got set up for 2.30 the action was slow to start with but i have had some good results off this field come 3 pm it was nice and steady shooting the pup was eager for some action which she got . i will be doing some more training with her on the back command and signals but all in all very pleased with the effort she puts in.ended the day with 75 picked missed the rain and all dropped off at the game dealers
post-1613-0-36939900-1500890207.jpg post-1613-0-18549800-1500890229.jpgpost-1613-0-56696100-1500890272_thumb.jpg


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