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Broken Pellet Probe.

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I don't like to see anyone here getting a poor, dishonest service for their honestly-earned money. This looks a poor show to me on the part of the people you entrusted the servicing to Archie. I hope you get a happy resolve tomorrow old mate, but, perhaps this is a fault on the part of Gamo too? They own BSA and the standard and durable quality of their manufacturing has gone well south of what BSA once were.


A solidly reliable British gunmaker who built real quality into all their rifles. Those days are definitely over it seems now.


A replacement bolt and probe and job done, surely?

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this is a common problem on the .177 ultra se and scorpion se as well as r10 the early bolt is 5mm dia and has a 3mm allen bolt that holds the banjo on, the bolt breaks between the banjo hole later bolts have the same banjo dia as the .22 so eliminating this problem

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Hi Archie.

It came BACK FROM REPAIR like this??? :huh:


Definitely looks like the guy has swapped your bolt and probe for a pile of broken tat he thinks will escape your attention old pal. :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

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