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I bought 7 plants and put them in a raised bed. To be honest they weren't worth having. The blackbirds nicked a few but I bet Iv not had 15 berries.


I've got an allotment from September. I want to get rid of the strawberries and put lettuce in at home cos we eat loads. Is it worth transplanting the strawberries up the allotment or shall I just bin em and buy new plants as these have been shit?


I know you will probably say might as well try em up the lottie but it's going to mean missing of on bed space if I leave em till September or a major fuss to plant em somewhere else then move em again in September. Shall I just bin em as rubbish plants and try different varieties? There is loads of foliage on em so perhaps I just over fed em?

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we started again in our bed this year with fresh plants and not done good at all ! but listen to terry d they will do better in later years ,hang on in there :thumbs: we had over 30 kg off a 10'x4' bed then they went back but confident they will come back ;) ,you cant hurry nature just go at its pace .

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