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leslie harold gedge

I Went To Look For Some Pigeons For Me And Paul K Tomoro

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i went looking for pigeons for me and paul k tomoro joe told me a few down back of farm so went and had a look not enough for 2 of us so i had a hour just set 1 nick tait FF5 and 2 floaters up on this track normely a great flight line got 11 for 11 shots on the way out talking to joe again has i thought the rats might have been to try and get on this land he said no chance has long has you and paul are coming its your land .we turn away at least 2 a week asking for permission . good man wish they was all like this .on the way out i saw 100s of pigeons flying over the buildings went out of the farm there they was 100s on a wheat field .let you no tomoro how we did





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Nice one les and good luck to you and paul tomorrow, what kind of rats are we talking about, the 2 or 4 legged type ?

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I fucin lov pies for breakfast, where's my invite you pair of twats . . ? , only joking lads

Have a great day out , don't forget the photos


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