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:hmm:I'm all for moving with the times,..accepting any info and research that enhances and improves the lot of the working dog,...but,.my mind also harks back to the 1980s,.when a fair few lads were out of work,...and also,..out at night,..every fecking night,...and their jukels served them well,...but rarely, if ever,.. had the benefit of many supplements....


Makes ya wonder.... :yes:

very true just shows its all alot of shite same as the ultimate oil piss can't beat crisp and dry lol
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Supplements are aimed at owners not dogs I just keep things natural plenty of variation and given to them as they would find it in the wild not processed..


That said I do feed a bag of skinners over the summer months as I not too generous with what we catch :)

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Supplements can't make up for a bad diet and in the main are pointless, many are just excreted by the kidneys so just lead to expensive piss.

Some may actually do more harm than good.

bit of background here.


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Well here goes I don't feed supplements to my lurchers but I put my 2 year old greyhound on some and after being on them a month to let them get,into his body he went from a dog that was doing 28 60 round monmore to a dog thats doing 28 12 o u tell me

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flesh and bone all the way,i look on these suppliments like i do all this new cammo hunting clothes,ridiculously priced and totally unnecessary...just a market ploy I think..

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