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I will donate this camera to your cat hunting if you would like it  lumix fz72 60x zoom 

We I thought I'd let you know how I got on meeting greyman. Drove and met him at his, quick cuppa and we were off down the motorway to meet 2 witnesses who had,  had an incounter with what they believ

Spent the morning chatting to a taxidermist from the natural history museum,his friend is a wildlife enthusiast from manang,sets a couple of camera traps up at 5000+ meters,thin air mountain country,t

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13 hours ago, EDDIE B said:

I actually thought the picture in the article was taken by yer man who claimed to have seen the cat. Hard to just take someones word, on such things, when most of these story's, end up being a load of bull.


And the article is full of assumptions!!!

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19 minutes ago, lurchers said:

My mate sent me this yesterday and it’s not far from we’re he lives,I had to screen shot this as I don’t know how to up load the link.



New footage from an anonymous worker in a rural part of Northumberland seems to show...


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The video isn't the worst to be fair, but it seems as though the guy is low down  maybe on a laneway with high banks, so his camera may be at an angle showing the cat to be taller than it is. The article itself is piss poor, like every other article written on the subject. I think at one stage they say it might be a lynx🙄

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Came across this the other day and though we will get the usual it’s only a moggy comments, you can roughly scale the animal on the bricks and it’s a pretty good one, also highlights the need to scale every picture before claiming big cat as there is no difference between domestics unless you can accurately measure the animal also adds some credibility when your still getting sightings 30 years on in the same places 👍


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