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    • By Baldcoot
      Went to a friends place in Pwllheli ,for a camping weekend and as a nice freeby was invited to 2 hours shooting on a field of flattened barley.Well started with a recon and 5 pigeons and 30plus jackdaws were in and out of this corner patch so we sussed a place for the hide and agreed 4pm start.
      Trouble is a working farmer doesnt do time so we started at 4.30 ,set up the deeks into the wind and got the hide <landrover tarp> up in a gorse hedge and waited .Well bloomin birds wouldnt play at all ,we could hear the Jackdaws to our left and the odd high high flyer went over ignoring the deeks so out came the flask ,that did a trick.
      Up the hill comes a lone bird down he went first shot a lone Jackdaw so no blank here thankfully.Ten minutes later a skinny squab of a pigeon starts swooping over the deeks and he got to join the Jackdaw .Despite the extra 2 decoys nothing else showed before we reluctantly packed away but at least the ferret got fed that night and a grand job he made off his free tea .
    • By Max Yells-James
      It's got to that time when I need to buy some more cartridges, i was just interested to see what everyone's suggestions were for an economical cartridge for walking around doing some rough shooting (not "game", just vermin). I've been using Hull superfast but i'm up for a change. I would like to try some of "Proper cartridges" cartridges but where i am it's very hard to get hold of them...
      I know this will cause a lot of discussion but you don't learn by not asking questions...
      Cheers - Max
    • By Rusky B.
      His all, please can someone tell me the best way to get permission to shoot on a farmers land. Thanks
    • By Rusky B.
      Hi, My mate and I would like to try pigeon shooting. We are both over 40 and live in Monmouthshire. Would anyone be willing to show us how it's done. Sorry but we don't have our own land.
    • By Jairon Fletcher
      We hit gold on the 28th of March when a local farmer asked for our assistance in denting the population of a derelict shed and derelict house filled with ferells, so we walked the quarter of a mile road from the gate we pulled up at to our destination, 4 guns out of the 6 ready huntsmen, our thoughts were 2 guns can lead one side of the shed and 1 gun in the shed and 1 gun on the other side of a smaller open plan, all shooting north for safety in a (more or less) straight line, radios and signal calls learnt for contact with a 5 minute break to pick up and talk between, on this days shoot.
      The day begins...
      Open the bag and spread the decoys out, loaded the S410 air arms and set up a hide (using mesh and wood) in the corner of a former cattle shed or hay stack yard (former use is unknown) and things start well! When they land we pick a few off at a time.
      After an unspecified, good amount of hours it starts to sunset, so we wonder over in hope to the derelict house. I walk through an open doorway to a ruined kitchen, I open a hatch lock door and from diagonal to the rooms diagonal is a doorway looking straight into 2 ferels! I shout over the other team and in disbelief we'd get anything here and I take the shot... A PERFECT heart shot!
      "Thats another on the head count" we geer as we check the rest of the rooms, but nothing in this section, safely we make our way round to the next section.
      As we cant risk walking up the stairs we check the shattered windows with the scope and scan from room to room on the outside.
      We spot a little nest.
      2 ferels and a magazine of 4 shots on an angle, unsure of the accuracy i will get, I take the shot as there isn't room for another gun...
      Thats 2 more for the head count using 3 pellets. 1 miss and 2 almost perfect hits.
      We go inside to collect and venture round the other side where there's an old shed (former cattle/pig/sheep) shack, sneekily we move around and use our binoculars to look for holes in the roofing that the targets of this operation, could fly through, I reload the magazine and find a high point to watch the hole with my scope, the 2 team members without guns, prepare bush beating methods to scare the pigeons out on a hop me and another member would be able to hit anything, another gun at a different vantage point scoping the same hole. and the last 2 guns stepped out of this one to have a look in the wooded area, in agreement nothing will be shot from this operation.
      We waited a good 20 mins for the shack to settle and then found ourselves seeing 30 to 40 pigeons moving in and out of this hole!
      This was important as we wanted to break our recent record this year, we wanted this more than we thought I supposed, so we took our time.
      The beaters cued with whistles that they were about to start, they clapped and banged the corrigated metal, threw small pebbles and brick shards in the shed and shouted "OY OY OY!".
      When they began we steadied our scopes and in canon the other gun went first, while he cocked his I took my shot... MISS! In such a confined area I had hit a tile, and then again... MISS! my awful shooting wasn't helping our target (to beat our year record) and another... FINALLY A HIT! 1 fell while the other hunters pigeons fell every time, I started to get my game on and I left that operation with 29 head and he left with 30 head. We couldnt wait to tell the other 2 guns, as they had wasted their time looking over the tree tops in a hide hoping for a near by landing.
      When added to the head count we set a new year record.
      Pleased, the 6 of us walked away as a team.
      The farmer was very grateful, If you'd like our support contact our team by youtube at "How-to-hunting" and filtering to channels (as this isnt a big channel but we just put general support and "how to" videos or by this hunting forum.
      We're always happy to help the community.
      Thankyou for reading.