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mr practice

The 97Kt Fettling And Polishing

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hi there


well i got everything to polish the inside of the 97. smooth the cocking slots really nice with high grade wet n dry and then polishing paste then polish the piston like a mirror and the piston cocking slide slots. cover up the piston head seal as this gun has only fired 100 pellets and cover the breech seal, gently polish inside the piston chamber and spring either end get rid of any crap when it comes from the factory, de-grease everything then re-grease inside the piston chamber with moly drysulphide powder gently, then put some on the piston then also got moly paste/grease for the spring light coating. polish and fettle the spring guide, then re-assemble would you say thats ok im ok with the record trigger would you guys say thats ok i dont need new seals do i as i would not have touched them and covered them up so they dont get messed up, or is there anything i have forgot or should do let me know please


ps i got the wet n dry moly drysulphide your fingers are like silver when messing with this expensive stuff moly grease/paste i think its mixed with drysulphide got 13mil spanner and rest of tools and good work surface and of course a WHITE FLUFFY TOWEL that you seem to see in all fettling vids cheers guys let me know



dave leeds



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