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Rodney out of Rabs sister he is 5 months a really stylish looking hound just started doing some bits and pieces with him ...it’s great seeing a dog so young hunting up using his nose and going into point on larks in the stubble his sires line is known to be hard so this ones going to be challenge 


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Not a gun dog but has produced some pretty special retrieves from water while out wildfowling and our licensed sawbill cull ....to see this little tyke retrieve a Canada goose on a big tide weighing nearly as much as him is something special and having that  terrier mentality to never give up is what makes him achieve it ......he is as good a digging terrier as I’ve ever owned but has many uses 


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The thing is  most lads don’t know what they have and don’t give them the oppertunity to be an all rounder ....as a lot of digging dogs are out of a box dropped in a hole job done .....this lad from when he was a pup was alway carrying something and still does it to this day when ever he’s out his kennel he picks something up and will carry it about all day ...seemingly his sire was the same ....and I just worked on that trait ....a very biddable terrier that is probably the dog I take most out when I’m out and about doing my job as a keeper as he has many uses ....but what he was bred for as a digging dog is as good as I’ve had in 25 years ..he has found and stayed in spots I’ve seen many dogs fail in 

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Well then win win. You're dead right about most not getting the opportunity. Most digging men do nothing with their dogs other than dig them, which is fair enough for out and out digging men. Some even get puppy walked. For me a terrier is a hell of a useful animal, they can do so much to a quite useable standard.

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They have to have it in them though I had a bitch the same time as him they grow up together but this bitch had no training in her she just Wanted to kill stuff the only thing I could train her to do was sit and retrieve stuff but I couldn’t work her on top she would get a scent take a line and go ...And murder on livestock fur or feather ..what a digging bich she was you could dig everyday to her a real stamp that looked like a dog ...I put her back down to Wales to the lad that bred her as he ran out of terriers and I started a new job ..she has seen some amount of graft ..just got a pup out of her sent up this year and he’s the same as his dam ....defiantly a dog I will not take in the beating line lol

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