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Born Hunter

Show Us Ya Gundogs

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Here’s my Black Labrador Baxter after a morning at the geese,woudnt manage without him he’s a great dog


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Ive a real aoft spot for this little bitch mainly used with lurchers but will make sure she gets a few outings on the waterfowl and in the beating line ....


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Not your usual type of gundog but stepping in while its warm. Handy with a catty will point to stuff sat tight and has marked birds in trees before..


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37 minutes ago, MIK said:

You need a big hairy German for that mate lol

I could be very tempted by one. Love their versatility and what they do. But spaniels and maybe their crosses are probably best suited to what I do in truth.

IMO it's very useful having a gundog that'll find, flush and mark fox so I encouraged it a lot. Hopefully he takes to it. Most folks seem to want to keep their dogs well away from them.

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