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I don't know why i can;t write on the post of my dog but anyway it's my Lab bitch 16 months old.

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             My German Short Haired Pointer, Kaiser.

             Trained to both shotgun and air rifle work.

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Big Rab my main GWP that works as part of a team of another 3 his dam his sire and sister ....a very well made dog that has plenty of drive and will go all day very steady on point you could leave him go and have lunch and he would still be on point 


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Carrying a bit timber after a summer off this was taken before the season in August while doggin  in pheasants 


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Duke who is now around 9 /10 months I watched his sire in the Scottish field trials..... what a dog and these lads have to be commended to get a dog to that standard ....had a bit of a set back when he was 4 months old I ran over him with my truck ...both wheels luckily the ground was soft but he suffered a shattered scapula he was in a cage for 6 weeks rested until it healed all seems good so far it’s amazing how young dogs heal ....probably the sharpest dog I’ve ever owned and he has been a joy and very easy to train he will probably be wasted with me as I will not bring him to his full potential but I’m sure he will be an integral part of the team and I’m excited to see how he will turn out  


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