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Show Us Your White Dog's

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4 minutes ago, Wales1234 said:

Anyone breeding a tidy litter next summer give me a shout I’m after something for fox work ! Got plenty work for it! 

I just had a litter as well bud but I kept them for myself ha they looked too good to get rid of 😋

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30 minutes ago, andy26 said:

Mother and great grandfather to my old bitch took years ago

Who bred them Andy 

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He's a straight Russell RH, there's been no bull added for a good 20 plus yrs, was out with the lad who bred him new years eve, from Cumbria way 👍 

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1 hour ago, Themole said:

Mad for digging is it all white dogs you keep thst looking dogs fair play

Yeah only white dogs is all I keep now I kept blacks for awhile few years ago but not anymore

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On 27/12/2017 at 20:48, Treehands. said:


Beuties them you dont often see em like that ...... 


if theres any pups or young dogs about a similar stamp to these id be very interested ive got plenty of work to chuck at a well bred type 👍🏻

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11 hours ago, shaneg said:

I told about showing off before mad4digging. 

I'm not showing off just trying my best to fit in with society shaneg

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56 minutes ago, Themole said:

Your line is hardly the same line as a main who owns a pack of hounds very similar to my dogs 

I don't know quite possibly could be..inbox me names name if u want



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