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Any Recommended Electronic Earmuffs?

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:) Greetings everyone! I'm from Tibet and new here. English is not my first language, so I'm truly sorry if you get confused in reading this post. :icon_redface:

I've found two sub-forum(Optics, Torches & Shooting Equipment;Hunting Equipment) about equipment, no idea which one is best so I posted both.

There are many experienced shooters here, you should know about hearing protection. Here in Tibet, not much people cares about hearing protection and not much people can afford one. I'm going to buy my first electronic earmuffs, so I've searched online before buying.

on Youtube.com there are many 3M peltor recommended vids. Looks great, but it's expensive(searched on amazon.com) and beyond my budget($100).

some experienced users said Z-tac is useless and just a replica brand, so "No, thanks".

The howard leight impact sport have MANY positive reviews and some negatives, but with low & high selling price at same time(different links), that made me confused.

The opsmen earmor m31, not many reviews online so I guess it's new, but its price is very attractive.

If any of you have tried any of those electronic earmuffs I talked above, or another good brand I missed, please share your experience with me.

Sorry for my broken english and thank you for reading this. :thumbs:

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