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Back Breeding

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Never heard of a breeding method called Back Breeding , explain it please ?

Very surprised that you never heard of back breeding as its used with the dedicated breeders


Superior dog and bitch are bred a female pup is kept --- breed this female to her father -- keep a female pup then breed her to her father -- and so on always using the original sire . Takes years to produce the desired goal ..


If by superior you mean very good workers, that is only half the battle Im afraid unless you know the dog you are using is genetically pure for all the traits you are after, physically and mentally. The chances of that are very small. You can only find this out for sure by test mating different bitches that have opposite traits and see if his better traits dominate,proving he is prepotent for that trait. These are test matings.Also remember Lurchers are cross breeds. You will need if you havnt already a basic knowledge of genetics and an understanding of Mendel. Not trying to put you off or anything, its by far the best and quickest way to get good results, but think what results you are after. If you want to reproduce the the origional sire then sibling matings are the quickest way. You didnt actually say what your goal was?

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by the time the sire is proven to be worthy of breeding off the first time say 4 yr old then you wait for his daughter to be 4 yr old then her daughter then her daughter and so on you wont have that

FFS breed two decent dogs and pick one of the pups put some decent food in it ,some time and effort and get on with it. Stop looking for the fecking super dog and enjoy yourself and your dog.

What a load of bollocks no wonder there's so much shit being bred

end of day what we see with naked eye is a small % of whats going on inside so to say we are linebreeding/nbreeding using stuff with no faults is impossible

faults will show themselves eventually

No one as mentioned using STUFF with no faults

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What a load of bollocks no wonder there's so much shit being bred

If you breed out of 2 Superior dogs the chances are you wont get SHIT

try find some superior homes and men to work them instead of selling them to any old tom dick or harry and let us know the outcome in 16 years time if only now your starting it

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