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bigmac 97kt

Just Orderd Some Of The Brass For The Tx

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Brass trigger guard ,,,brass screws on there way


ill get the brass cocking aid next week then the brass trigger


Air Arms Tx200 Replacement Stock and Trigger guard BRASS Screws




Air Arms TX200 Accessories - Rowan Engineering


just need to de,grease and re,grease her first as she has a twang lol :yes::D


atvbjimmy :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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I went for the polished Ali guard and trigger from rowan

And stainless bolts of the bay for my TX


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'bigmac 97kt' and 'bling' are not words that go together normally. Perhaps it is the change in direction what with the pink rifle in the not too distant future. :tongue2:




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Yeah, I`ve been hearing " a thing or two" about James.











































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