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I keep all of my terriers together,  always under supervision but I can keep the lot out all day without issue.  Calm and settled, no idiots tied up waiting their turn, you crack on and do it you

Spot on FD, don't follow that reply up because it can't be bettered.  I mooch around the stream behind my house with every pup I have, from 8 weeks old upwards they're given free reign to piss ab

In my experience on the subject ,the entering of a terrier should be carried out casually ,no fuss no winding the dog up .Each to their own but it's no coincidence the best terriers come from the  mos

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the clubs still running just .not sure if they are having a show I will find out .

rvwtc arnt having a show this year not enough support in the club
shame that Wolfie... spoke to some old guys that said it used to be big in the 80s
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When i called round at Arthur Nixon's, god rest his soul, he was proudly wearing his RVWTC sweatshirt. It's a shame if a club that had such great support in the past is struggling to keep going

you from the south yorkshire area mate
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Shame that, our local the north yorkshire show used have 2 every year, one about now an one around the 12th july, was always good turn outs but after moving place it seems theres only gonna be one show a year, am tbh that was last week an not a patch on old one, was still few grafters there but not as many as last times i been when at foxhall inn

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There was a lot a gypos there haha but i usually stayed about terrier ring woth couple mates. I dont know why but i find looking at the lurchers boring but could spendvan age watching terriers, dont think i could go to em regular tho, some folk follow the shpws around every weekend hahahabwe heard one ole boy saying dog had 2nd last week was hoping to be placed this week and next before shown season really gets going ffs hahahaha

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Yeah Im the same. I don't mind them for a catch up with mates you otherwise wouldn't see. And don't start me on the show brigade! I find it embarassing beyond belief that grown men take it so seriously and bitch over this dog and that dog and daft ribbons!lol

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