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Socks Pup.

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I thought you all might be interested to see how the pup i got from socks is looking, i am pleased with it up to now, she has made 23inch, she has only had a handfull of bunnies up to now but the last one was carried back to hand.

Really looking forward to next winter.post-33227-0-40187300-1490988462_thumb.jpg

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lovely dog. You certainly can see the whippet in it. :thumbs:

First thought when I see the pic it looks very whippety but didn't want to offend. Not my sort of dog but looks in good condition all the very best with it 👍🏻

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She is far from whippet y, has a hell of a back on her, if i get could get some more of the pics to load you would see her better.

As said didn't mean to offend just my opinion from the picture. i love watching the whippets on rabbits and the odd other thing gets the blood pumping I seen them little dogs punch so far above there wieght you wouldn't believe. All the very best with your pup.

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She has turned into a lovely looking bitch mate fair play youve done a cracking job with her ..... looks whippety lol I wonder if some people have actually seen a whippet .......

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who cares what she LOOKS like..it how she will over the next few seasons get a bit of work put in front of her and then maybe tell how she getting on...as for now...nice pup looks in fine fettle and best of luck with it.

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