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Out With The Pup

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Hey up lads, had lunch and thought id get my head down for a while. yesterday has left me drained, but one trick the pup has picked up from Nell, is the time of day, :laugh: she wanted out, so put my feelings aside , and off out we went for an hr, she misses Nell, having run with her since I got her, and on two occasions, just stood there whining, I have the pics, she also came into season yesterday , thought perhaps I could put a bunny up in front of her, but nowt doing, my heart wasn't really into it, she enjoyed herself,thats the main thing :thumbs:



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Do you good to keep to your routine mate


Very true you the pup will keep you going

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keep at it buddy! just lost my young bitch and as dull as it sounds just sent me numb! but due to one or two real lads and my other lurcher making me go out it kept me sane and eased things a tad!



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