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Drones Hovvering Over Yards

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Are you sure it wasn't just someone flying a drone and they just happened to be over the lads yards?

Id be surprised to find the pykey dog thieves with the intellect to fly a drone,it takes 4 of them to work out how to bust a padlock and con a pensioner.

Ya reckon ?

They break into museums nowadays to rob a rhino horn.


Working terrier = £200.

2 working terriers = £400

3 working terriers = £600.

Each terrier = best in Ireland = gullible fools who'll buy it = 20,000.

Cost of a drone = £400.

Pilot of drone = 6 year old child = lets face it, a six year old can work an i-phone.


Six working terriers @ 200 each = 1200 - the cost of a drone = 800 = some terrier lads waking up to a shock.

N.A.R.A-(an irish anti group)-were fundraising for one on their facebook page a couple of years back (the lobster freedom fighters lol)
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If the man seen a drone over his yard then I believe that's what he seen. As for it being illegal. Dog thieves and anti's don't worry about what's legal and what's illegal. JMHO but in this day and

I've heard that you need a license to fly them now as there's privacy and information legislation brought in but as said who cares it won't stop people using them. There was one used in N.I. A few yea

That would mean getting off my arse and actually walking the farms, it's much easier to have a nosey on Google earth

Dangerous piece of equipment in the wrong hands it's going to lead to alot of trouble for lads down the road whether they be digging or having there yards watched makes alot sense for anyone into terriers ta keep a low profile it's geting to stage even walking the black dogs is drawing attention.

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