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Best Books On Falconry

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Alright gents I'm considering getting a BOP, but before I do I want to be as prepared as possible I have the land to fly the bird on a mix between flat land in Lincolnshire rolling country in south yorks and hilly pasture in Derbyshire. I will be joining my local club and speaking to the guys and lady's there before I commit, as I realise it is a life long commitment and not to be undertaken lightly. I would like to get a good selection of reading material I no there's no better way than to spend time with the birds but I was hoping you mite be able to point me in the direction of some books that mite help me out. Thanks ever so much. Adam

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Falconry and hawking, phillip glasier

Falconry art and practise, Emma ford


Two good books to begin with mate

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In all honesty, if you are thinking of getting a Harris hawk, then once you've got past the really basic stuff, Martin Hollinshead books will give you far more insight into what you are about to try to achieve than many of the other 'classic' general falconry books.



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