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Welsh Hounds Stolen

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Had a litter of welsh hound pups stolen either last night or today from my yard in the Doncaster area. The pups are only 2 1/2 weeks old. They left the mother and took the pups. Would people please keep an eye out for these pups been sold about. And info would be great full

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f**k mate thats a bad job hope you get them back ive couple older welsh pups here if you looking one mate

bad job indeed , nice offer Milliken,hope u keeping ok mate, lad that had pups stolen is a mate, is nothing safe from these faulty baxxxxteds.

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Things all good with myself ive had very bad run of lucky myself told him there is dog pup here for him gonna send him couple pics and if its suitable then ill send it over you lads have helped me out enough

glad to hear all good , we were trying to pay you a visit before summer rest lol

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Disgusting thing to happen and I hope you get to the bottom of it and have them returned! Fair play milliken really good gesture so nice to see lads coming together at a time like this! There are some good guys on here thank God!

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