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Could anyone recommend a trail camera.


I am looking for a trail camera to use in roof spaces when undertaking rodent treatments and for circumstances where it is unclear what is the cause of noises.



Any advice would be much appreciated.


From google searches the Bushell Essential E2 and the Browning Dark Ops Elite get recommended.

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I have a couple of stealthcamg30,s they are meant to be pretty much the best budget one also have a couple of Brownings strike force and command ops they are really good but much more complex than the stealth cams which are one switch does all idiot proof and my favourite, I have just got another one an R42 Good revues but yet to use it so can't recommend,and for anyone interested I have just located a family of polecats in a wood I,ve been watching seen two different ones in the last week a Jill and a hob am well chuffed with that, makes a change from the usual culprits

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anyone used the wireless ones that send a pic to your phone?

no, I have five out at the moment and tomorrow I will go and swap all the SIM cards and change battery's, it will take me half a day to get round them all and me and the dogs will be knackered when it's done, but the buzz I get waiting to see what's on them makes me as excited as a kid at Christmas, don't know if I,d have as much enthusiasm if I already new what's on them plus I only use a burn phone so even if they sent me a picture I,d never get it
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