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Thoroughly Enjoyable

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Out to the permission this morning. It is a nice spot but only 4 fields surrounded by various small holdings that said no. So its a bit awkward with old super snout but worth it.

Got a mark straight away but the rabbit came out my side before even put the gear down

next then he gets one to ground a real horrible double fence. But there was only a couple of holes the far side. So the plan was if it did bolt that side get the dog on a lead sharp incase he decided to jump them both. Popped the ferret in and she was in a few minuted then showed. I picked her up and doubted the dog. But unknown to me it must have crept out the other side and the dog twigged when I collecting the nets. Not sure how he cleared them both and I heard the wire twang but luckily he just scraped a front leg.

need to clean my lense

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walking back to the car then old mr snout caught wind of a rabbit. Boundary hedge running down into some ones yard which was a shame. I walked him over to it just because I love seeing his nose work

You can hear it break here

the dog is doing really good lately we hardly have a cross word lol.

few pics






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