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Airgun Centre Essex

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Hi all ,just wondering if any of you have any experience of Airgun centre , Im looking to buy a HW100 kt from them in next few weeks if i get a good feedback,they offer lifetime servicing and the combo kit seems pretty good price, does anybody know if they are the HULL Cartridge stamped models that they sell or the others?? is this a problem anymore anyway??


any opinions /feedback would be great



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My mate brought a aa410 combo from them, with the 4-16×50 AO hawke eclipse. (Not keen on that model myself).


They didnt have the stocked model he wanted so the GAVE him the walnut sporter version (upgrade)

2 things had gone wrong, the indexing and the magazine, at different times. They just sent him a new mag. And the indexing fault was fixed while he waited.


The hard box in the combo is the same i think as daystates one, very robust.


I think the only issue is with postage???



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Hi Countryboy :bye:


I've bought a couple of rifles off them over the years and never had a problem. The last rifle was about 3 years ago and was a brand new HW100s combo and a 3 litre divers bottle.

Each time I've been too the shop I have dealt with the boss man. By memory, I think his name is Pete. He has always come across as friendly and knowledgeable and has never rushed me into making a purchase. If you get to the shop near opening time, you are usually asked if you want a cup of tea or coffee. Well I was anyway. The shop isn't that big, but they do seem to stock a fair bit of stuff. Last year after about 2 years, my gun bag that came with my HW100 split at the seams. So I phoned up the Airgun Centre and was told to send the bag back to them with a copy of the receipt. About a week later a brand new bag arrived as promised.


I'm sure that there are people out there who have had problems with them but I can only speak for myself, and to date, it is all good. All I would say is, if you ever drive up there go early, because they do get quite busy at times,


John :thumbs:

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They've always been sound from the reviews. It's important to understand that defects with any rifle are from the importer, not the supplier. Granted, things may go wrong and the supplier should check for such, but mechanical issues will arise over time and such problems aren't the fault shops/businesses like the airgun centre. Now, I don't give two fucks about the airgun centre, not one, but it's hard for any shop to predict if an item may fail.


Just my two pence.

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I bought an MFR from them 11 years ago and just had the regulator fixed for free, so their service is superb.


On the downside their stock levels are also superb and they do great bundled deals, so do not visit unless you want to buy something :)


I am really happy with the Pulsar I bought, but now have to drink cheaper wine for the rest of the year :(

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