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Had a lay in this morning till about 8 as we was a bit knackered with early starts and lamping. But a quick coffee and ferret boxed and away. Every thing was beautiful this morning with the frost and fog and sun breaking through



Straight away when we entered the wood he picked up scent and was out of site with in few seconds. He could have gone in one of 3 directions so I waited and listened but nothing. Then I gave a whistle and he came flying around the corner. Saw me and stopped then turned and led me to a patch of bramble that obviously held the rabbit. To thick to do much with but I was pleased he took me too it and hopefully we can build on that. My little terrier used to do the same.

Into the wood then and next he was scenting an old fox earth that some times holds a rabbit but didn't give a mark. But with in a few yards his nose went up and he burst out of the wood and went storming off across the field. Straight over a big old hedge and gone. Wouldn't expect a rabbit there and sure enough when I stood on the hedge I could smell it wasn't a rabbit.

Stood there like a lemon the just waiting and about ten minutes later I could see a black spec in the distance coming my way. He was straight back so back in the wood we went.

He has started flushing snipe which is a new thing for him and I like. But sod lugging a gun around as well as every thing else

There was a snipe tucked up in here



Down through the cover then but no joy.


Every trip is a lesson in reading the dog. Like when he stared across the valley and gave a little whine I new there was a rabbit over but we both new we would never flush the sod out of there.

So no rabbits but it didn't matter


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:thumbs::thumbs: Like it when you said that every trip is a lesson in reading the dog. That's what it's all about: it's as much us learning our dogs as it is them learning their trade. Love it when you can identify what the dog has found by the way it reacts.

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Cheers folks. Yes his a very chatty dog skycat with his looks and actions. Quite comical at times. This morning I was peeping through the cover to see where he was and I caught him peeping through the cover to see where I was and we ended up staring at each other through a bush. Made me chuckle

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