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Took the two pups 8 months old out yesterday with the old bitch 11 to do a bit of ferreting and while the old yin struggled to get a mark the pups where only interested in playing with each other so im thinking there still immature, then we got a mark and netted up and at first let the pups loose over the burrow they where fine no bothering the nets then we put them on leads to get down to a dig and a rabbit bolts and misses the net the old bitch is never going to catch it so we let the pups off and start picking up the nets my pup puts her head down and is off after the rabbit a whistle and shes back , then heading back to the car my bitch knocks up a rabbit the other two had not seen and gave it a good course to a burrow and wouldnt leave the burrow marking it but she had her head and shoulders in the hole but that can be worked on .So we had to get it out for her and ended up with a dig by the wind up torch i keep in the car .

In the end a good day but she drools in the car work in progress

didnt open up on the course

them marking like a terrier where i prefer a look and a lifted paw but these can be worked on i hope ?.

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