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Good Start To 2017.

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Went out this morning on an invite from a chap to look for a Fallow Deer, drove alot of roads and looked in plenty of Fields only to see Fallow just walking back to cover or seeing them on Ground we were not able to shoot.Perseverance payed off we were at the last chance Salon when we spotted a dozen or more Deer laying in a sheltered sloping field well it was a very steep Field,all the Deer we could see were Bucks a small group had taken shelter and one Buck was a fairly good animal my man got sorted and a shot rang out 106 yard neck shot a couple of kicks from the back legs and all went still. But what a hell of a job to retrieve the Carcase it was one of the steepest Field you could find but after alot of F--KS and other choice words we had to go down on a rope and winch our Deer up over the slope shortening the winch rope several times before we got him to the Truck all in a days Stalking i Guess.





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Nice looking beast, and I like the look of the head, I wouldn't be against having that on my wall.


Sounds like a bloody good job you had a winch.

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Ain't it always the way , the bigger they are the more awkward a place they fall ..well done old timer ..😀

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