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A Rainy Day Out For Me

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cant be doing with sitting about, bit of rain does dont bother me or my dog, so off we went didnt take the camera cos of the weather, worked some railway bankings, heaving with bunnies, but really overgrown, so much so, the brambles ripped the zip from my coat, brambles wrapped around my legs, i was stuck good n proper, nell was busy digging away, so made a clearing best i could, and chucked in a stinker, next min came the squeal, so that was number 1 , came off the railway bankings to a wood which holds a good number, but once you get through the barbed wire, its a steep slope down to a stream, and slippery as buggery, nell marked yet again, so this time i set 2 nets, then down i went, on my arse into the stream, i sat theer for a while cussing missen, and i was really caked in mud, looks up the banking, and theer was nell with number 2 in her gob, got back home, my lady took one look at me, and collapsed in a heap laughing her socks of, all cleaned up now, with a belly full of l;obby inside me, one happy chappy

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