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Garmin Dc 50 Tracker

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Any chance of somebody that knows what they talkin about giving us idiots guide to trackers, whats prices differences, do it come set up or wats needed? Do they work in thick forestry? Somebody with them must have done homework? An i jus bein lazy? Lollol

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You've got the Astro and alpha. The alpha is the newer model, with the main additional feature being that it's also a shock / training collar and a few other map things.


They work well in most terrains but in very hilly ground you can lose signal, however if you head to last known position it always picks them up again.


Basically you have a compass on the screen with arrows for the different dogs and it says how far and if they are moving, you can also look at the map and see where they are and where they been.


It tells you how far and how fast they have run and will let you pin locations i.e. The truck, on the map.


Can be cracked to work in the U.K. Easily enough.


Prices vary and tax and import is a bitch to U.K., probs looking at 600-700 for older system with one collar now the exchange rate is shit to.


Very very useful bits of kit.

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