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How too make a cheap quickset longnet

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Just wanted to show you how I made some cheap 30 meter quick sets

As some one said yesterday that they thought they might mess it up if

they tried, so I just want to show how easy, and cheap it is to do it yourself.



So too start with you need some sheet netting.


Here I'm using 6z 2" mesh, 15 meshes deep, and 200 yards long -£20


Some 8n nylon cord 132 meter reel - £11


(edited to add, that these poles were crap, and one rabbit snapped a pole all on its own :lol: )

Some electric fencing pole with 2 or the connectors cut off, and 2, the top, and bottom left on -70p each




First lay out the nylon cord to the desired length, top and bottom lines




Then bunch it up, at one end, next to your sheet netting




The sheet netting should, hopefully come with string through the top, and

bottom meshes, tied in a loop.




Untie the string, and attach your long length of nylon too it




then pull it all the way through




Do this top and bottom




Then stretch out the nylon, and secure it at both ends




You can then find the end of the netting, and start feeding it along the nylon

by just pulling it from one end




Once you have it layed out all the way to the end

Pace out 5 paces and drop a pole (edited to add, that these poles were crap, and one rabbit snapped a pole all on its own :lol: )




Then starting from the second from furthest pole, pick up the net

and pull it to the furthest pole, this sets the bagging, if you want 100%

bagging, pull it all the way to the end pole, if you want 50% then just

pull it half way to the end pole (edited to add, that these poles were crap, and one rabbit snapped a pole all on its own :lol: )






Then work your way back, repeating for each pole, so you

end up with a pile of bagging between each pole






Once you have all the net you want to use layed out, cut off the excess

and retie the ends for next time




You can then tie in the first pole, which you tread through the meshes

and then secure the top and bottom lines




For the middle poles, you just secure the top and bottom lines, but

dont feed the pole through the meshes




Then the jobs a goodun.


So you can use what ever you use to put it into for storage.


I'm using a cheap over sized game bag -£20


A paper round bag, or quickset basket will also work just as well.





I had access to a hall, which made it a bit easier, but you could also

do this all on grass, it would just snag a little more.


I hope that helps anyone who is interessed in making their own.


I'm not saying these nets will be better than whats on the

market already, but I am certainly saying they are cheaper.


And if like me, you preffer to catch in some thing you have made yourself

Its a good way to go.


Total price for 3 30 meter quick sets, and a carrier









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Thats a bargin, but where did you get the sheet netting as I got 150yds for about £35 but your price is far more attractive? it did say 6z didn't it?

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Top job Paid - it may not look as pretty as a commercially purchased one but as long as it does the job ;)

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Scats country stores, I think there only in the soth of england though.


Light weight, strong, with a little flex, nice flat top for pushing in and a good spike.


I've yet to have many rabbits hit one, to see how well the poles hold up, but that should change this weekend ;)

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good pictures and step by step

on ya end poles, use some electrical tape, to tape the net onto the pole in a couple of places, stops it from tangling

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well you never stop learning do ya, good post that paid. i was sceptical about those poles , but there not the same as the elecy fence poles round here. all the ones i have seen have little hook things all the way down , where as those just have 2 holes , and look like they will do a good job.


the other thing i learned is this, i count all the meshes to make sure i have enough bag, but i liked that quik idea about streching the net out , then just pulling it along each section. good quik idea that . THANKS. :notworthy: it looks good set up mate. TOMO :)

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Good post Paid, should be pinned on the top of the board :thumbs:



Edited to say it is now :toast:

Edited by theobenmike

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great post paid the place you get your netting is out of stock for a few months but he is goin to give me a call when he gets some more in i think he will happy with you getting some customers for him lol

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Wow!! Thats very clear. :clapper::notworthy: Ive read a few books about how to make a quick set net and after reading that post I now feel that its actually a possibility! Thanks!

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Guest The Big Fish

Jesus christ, paid you tight sod! I thought i was mean with money, but i now know that i am actually flamboyant with my hard earned pennies :laugh: I even buy proper poles for my longnets :icon_eek:



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