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Goose Shooting Scotland

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Myself & a couple of mates travelled to Aberdeenshire in Scotland at the end of November 2016 for a spot of goose & duck shooting.

On the first morning the weather didn't really play ball & with no wind it proved very difficult to get the geese into range. This wasn't helped half way through the flight when the Farmer in the neighbouring field started ploughing. We ended up with 5 pinkfoot & 2 greylag geese.

The evening was much better; we were positioned around a small pond & in the next hour or so we shot 23 teal & 21 mallard.

The second morning on the geese was much the same, no wind & more frustration with all the birds being drawn to another stubble a mile or so away. Anyway, we made the most of our couple of opportunities & bagged 9 pinkfoot geese.

The evening was another successful one on the ducks with 15 mallard bagged, although 2 of them were lost.

A great trip all in all and I'm sure we will be back in the future. We came back with plenty of meat for the table between us.

Thanks for watching

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going 2 spoil myself and come up with the lads for a do on the pinks .well done on the shooting lads

Thought you have already been up here shooting pinks?

I know there a few lads wanting to meet you

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great shooting lads the camera make it look higher than it is but how high were the first geese .and what size shot buddy

The first group wasn't too high. The group on the 2nd day @ 5.10 in the video were pretty high. 50g 2's were used.

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I noticed one of you had a benelli . Which one is it how does he rate it cheers

There were actually 2 fellas shooting benellis. My best mate shoots a left handed montefeltro & he loves it. One of the other lads was shooting with a camo benelli vinci I think.

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