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Invite For Afallow Or Two

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Last weekend i had an invite to go for a stalk on the Fallow Deer as i haven't been out for a while i thought i would go if just to get some fresh air, the morning started waking up about 7.10 am and we came across Deer quite early although they were a good few field away but perseverance payed off, we had been looking on in the best places for Fallow when we came to a field with 3 Does stood grazing, after getting in position a shot rang out and a Doe was grassed, from out of the wood a dozen or more Does appeared 2 dropped then a third was grassed and just as the Deer had all gone back to the safety of the wood a good Buck and another Doe came into view and the Buck was grassed as well, the owner of the field soon came across for a chat and was pleased that a few Deer had been sorted but he still wants more culled as they are doing alot of damage on the farm . Not a bad morning out but alot of work collecting the carcasses as it was wet and the fields are very steep but it all got done after an hour or 2.




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Nice going mate i would be happy with that mornings work , does he let you keep them or are they off to the game dealer ?

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