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Feeding Female Harris Hawks And During Winter


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Average is probably 2lb 2oz - 4oz hunting weight. How many chicks? Whatever keeps that particular bird at hunting weight given conditions.


What do mean "what to do in winter"


So have you already got this female?

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I mean do you normality give them an extra chick in winter cause they loose more weight

Monitor their weight & feed accordingly............a good daily routine will make this a simple process

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As said each bird is differant , flying weight , food requiremaents etc , a half an ounce can make all the differance between a keen hunting bird and one that sits in a tree.


Excuse me for saying mate , but since you've had a Harris before this is one of the basics. :hmm:

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Average is probably 2lb 2oz - 4oz hunting weight.


It now seems that those weights are not as common as they used to be.

I've seen a lot of female HH [advertised for sale ] that fly at under 2lb

I'm sure you're right mate.......tbh I don't know why I bothered giving weights :-)

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hello mate i have had a femail harris in winter you need to give an extra chick so let say you usualy give her 3 chicks in a warm day in winter they burn mkre because cold wether you could try given a extra chick say 4 and weigh her morning and evning hope this helps

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That last piece of advice could be misleading to a novice. Every bird of prey is different some need more others less. Temperature,weather and workload will alter the daily intake to keep a similar weight. Its all trial and error, two hawks the same weight with the same workload and conditions could need a completely different amount of food to maintain the same weight. Also different meats have different nutritional values.

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Hello again how money times a week would you give a rat,quiel or rabit would you give a hawk a bit of all verity a day or diffrent days or dosent it matter if any one can answere this i would be great full

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During the hawking season when I am flying I mainly feed mine on rabbit and the odd bits of chick. If you feed quail etc the hawks weight will fluctuate too much. Mine gets fed on what it catches plus topped up with the odd chick here and there. When moulting I feed rabbit, pheasant heads, squirrel (from her kills during winter,then frozen) a few chicks in and out and quail about twice or three times a week. Plenty of rabbit heads to keep the beak in shape. So long as they get some variety and plenty of natural quality food when moulting you shouldn't get any problems.

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