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Tight Places

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You got lucky. A fox in tight place, terriers loose with no collars on and no shovel to hand can often result in tears..

I'd a black bitch in the 90s that was only 10 months old she'd never seen anything. I was out walking her on land I thought I knew well, she put a fox out of a double ditch and chased it over a hill.

Lead walking on all land you mean, you only think you know places well until you have a terrier running loose one day and it disappears only for you to find its working away underground somewhere you'

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And it's produced a better overall terrier IMO. Can't beat a handy sized fox bitch, but that's where they end. They're not something to breed from or aim towards.


At one time terriers were bred to be work specific,if they were not work specific they were never bred from.Now many a terrier is useful only because of the technology it wears and the owner utilises.I prefer a terrier thats bred to work without the assistance of batteries and one that is safer because of the technology utilised to assist it and not make up for what it lacks.
You for real lol.Doubling up dogs is the ultimate sin and reflects on your standards not the dogs .As for having a jibe at mute dogs lacking ,its obvious you know nothing about single handed terrier work .

Maybe your experiences would be better shared in the bushing section where youd be a hero.

If you worked your terriers single handed ,you'd no doubt be in a better position with the stock you now have .

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Yep seen lots of em do it;!! Good digging dogs either can't/or won't get...

I'm not a fool to cast this out at a whim, I've seen it far to many times.

" I've seen these welsh fellas KILL GOOD DOGS, and wait for the next man.

Your on a wind up surely mate .I've dug many a welsh hill fox and never come across anything that bested a dog moreover killed it lol.

You need to switch the breed bud .

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Ive yet to see a fox kill a terrier and there has been alot of good hill foxes dug but if you say you have then who am i to dout it in my eyes a terrier dog should dig you what ever is to ground or in my eyes its a cull id mybe expect a bit less of a bitch but if it was it would never be breed from

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OK, yr right then. Enough said!

Like I've said in previous post. I only tell the truth.

Our stuff is busy, and we get by somehow.

FD if you could please share yr stuff or show me, you have an open invitation, don't expect to see yr excellent stuff for 3/4 hrs though. Please show me the way of excellence,

If your trying to justify your shite dogs by length of dig mate then you've just shot yourself in the foot .I've nothing to prove to anyone as many on here will attest to and as said ,I've dug in your neck of the woods probably before many of you were out of nappies .I've shared more than my fair share of terriers to be honest and who knows some of it maybe in what you dig to but please don't insult my intelligence with tales of foxes killing the real deal as its bollocks .

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I'd say because there's something lacking if they'll only work fox.

A terrier lacking because it can only work fox!,ill have your cast offs.
Do you think there isn't something lacking if they'll only work a fox?


I could easily live with such a terrier.

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