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Tight Places

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You got lucky. A fox in tight place, terriers loose with no collars on and no shovel to hand can often result in tears..

I'd a black bitch in the 90s that was only 10 months old she'd never seen anything. I was out walking her on land I thought I knew well, she put a fox out of a double ditch and chased it over a hill.

Lead walking on all land you mean, you only think you know places well until you have a terrier running loose one day and it disappears only for you to find its working away underground somewhere you'

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When u drop a dog u give him/her time to settle.time to put the fox to a stop end or time that he bolts.the dog is settled when I start digging I expect MY dog to stay.MY dog. None of this down two feet and fox decides to move.there curs.that's the only type of terrier I keep

Well put mate .Bolts are inevitable but not looked for ,not in my case anyway .I've been guilty of digging too soon therefore more than one hole but ill not tolerate a dog coming off and out once we've started digging proper .

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Nope not mine either.look at the end of the day I keep hounds as well as terriers.any body knows that when marken hounds are barking or sounding in to an occupied earth sometimes or often the fox will bolt.before a terrier is even dropped. So a terrier that does go in and give 5 minutes and a fox bolts is not for me.especially when hounds often do the same job from outside

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In many parts of the country hunts use drainage rode to bolt foxes, that shows how much pressure a terrier has to give to bolt a fox, don't get me wrong if you have a good bolting terrier, well done hard to come by!! same to be said about a good digging dog in my oppinon even hard to come by, but in all honesty you can NOT compare the both, I know what Type i Choose to feed!! as for fd bring a grass that is complete utter ballox, and someone should only be accused of that if its a cert, I'd put my last pound on fd not being one!!!!! In fairness I've hunted with him personally, iv enjoyd his and his dogs company, the guys a gent!!

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Only just read this and I have no doubt FD will accept the apology, read his many previous posts and anyone with half a brain will realise that this is an experienced,respected, knowledgeable dog man who says it at it is and doesn't mince his words. Yes grass is definitely what cows and sheep eat it certainly is NOT FD

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Been to Essex tday, 4 hrs each way. We've had a chat, no more from me on here. Sorry I shot off half cocked, I'm a grown man and I'm sorry!!

It was ill tempered and wrong, the man that gave me the info will also be having my pleasure tmw.

Maybe share that last name with me mate over a civil pm
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