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Hi guys...

I'm buying a new house after Christmas with an integral garage which I'm looking at using for the dogs... putting a run onto back garden and using around 6ft into garage as an indoor Are with a bed box etc.. I will be putting galvanised panels on inside of garage to pen them in... so my question is what's the negatives and positives on this set up and if any of you guys have similar pics would be great

Thank you


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Tiled and drained is how I'd go! Although you can get some resin self levelling type flooring for kennels, could do the whole garage in that

Is that the stuff that you see in walk in showers? Goes 8 inch up the wall each sides?

we got that in downstairs toilet/shower wetroom ,don't think it's cheap. I suppose you need to put a lip in,stop it running into you garage space and then putting something down to stop it sinking in to concrete ,an make it easier to hose out through run door?
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luke' get some DPM paint.its what they use on concrete floors in supermarkets before painting .

its abit expensive but it will not soak up the piss& u can paint over it.

cheers mate... do ya just paint it straight onto Concrete
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