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My Films - Portugal Wood Pigeon Hunt

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Hi there,


I'm new in HuntingLife...I'm from Portugal and I want to share some of my videos with you.


I'm a curious guy and i'm interested in any kind of hunt stories arround the world...


In Portugal we used to hunt pigeons with live decoys to attract them to the pole... it's a very old tradition and the guy who manage the pigeons is called "Negaceiro"... the word came from "Negaça" which is the same as decoy...


Hope you enjoy my videos...


Here's one shoot of the opening day this season (no live decoys... only passing pigeons):




And here's another shoot with live decoys (Negaças):




Hope you enjoy!!!


I appreciate if you subscribe my channel so you can be updated in new videos anytime I upload them.




Best regards (and sorryformy poor English...)

Pedro Sales




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Hi i am new to hunting life but i stumbled on your post and was wondering if they still do pigeon shooting with live decoys in Portugal?

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