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On 11/7/2017 at 8:11 AM, Rabbit Hunter said:

Was nice to see them before you take them off AT:tongue2:

I thought white toes was a thing of the past, but I've seen 2 black litters this Summer with white toes and a few white hairs on the chins.

Nice pups:victory:

This one of them has white toes all the way up to hes head,haha glad u got to see some pics mate atb At


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1 hour ago, Daniel cain said:

New pup grip. Atb dc


Nice strong head on that pup. Atb with him Sean. Your due a bit luck 


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Just now, Rabbit Hunter said:

How did the pups turn out from your bitch Daniel Cain?

She had one and killed it, gutted to be honest. Atb dc

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