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Shovel shy

Out Today

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Last place of the day.hounds put a fox in this.two hounds entered before we cud stop them.two hours later still wudnt come out.no choice but to drop my own patterdale bitch.5 minutes later and she bolted the fox.hounds came out.fox lives for another day but could of been alot worse


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Another 3 today. Two digs and one with the lurcher.1st dig for a young patterdale dog.very impressed.





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Good going there fella I bet that's you standing around watching the boys lol dogs well for ye fairplay

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You may be shovel shy but you are certainly not camera shy, you are a brave boy standing for those photographs in the present climate as far as hunting is concerned .

but every one to there own. you seem to have a good pack of hounds happy hunting.


A.T.B. Coverdogs.

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I hunt.I'm proud to hunt.in that picture is me my father a cousin and nephew.most of our family hunt.its not illegal here. I try to get the young lads involved.educate them what's right and wrong.we live on a housing estate where its easy for young lads to take the wrong road.but these lads keep dogs have an interest and stay away from trouble so far. Nobody is allowed come hungover.nobody. all of us have insurance. I've also a kennel licence and meat licence so we take it serious.the pictures are of dead foxes. No graphic pics.no broke up dogs.thanks for your concern tho lad. Were proud in what we do. And if every body else took the same route in doing it properly keeping fit healthy dogs instead of hiding away scared of what others might think wed be in a better situation. Antis can be heard and seen every where.but who's talking up for us?? I'll make no apologies. Its what we do and we love doing it.

. Well said shovelshy your going well having a good season and ya give some them young lads with ye an interest in something keeping a terrier or lurcher gives them a bit of responsibility and they enjoy it they good easy go a bad road fairplay fella.👍👍
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