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Starting Out

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Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what bird to start out with and any books dvds etc for a total novice

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Harris hawk is supposed to be the ideal starter bird I think always liked them just never had the time myself all the best whatever you choose

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For hunting start with a Harris/lots of books to get from your local library

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The bird that you get should match the quarry and terrain that you intend to fly.

A lot of people advocate a Harris' Hawk which are really good birds.

But I think that to learn the basics of falconry a Redtail Hawk will teach you a lot more and can be good hunting hawks. [Though a lot seem to get passed on after a season.]

Harris' are very forgiving and easy to train and hunt with, too easy in some cases.

I would advise you to go out with as many different people with different types of hawks before deciding.

You could join your local Hawking Club and go on their field meets and get to see a variety of birds.

Also you will get to meet some experienced people who can give you advice.

Keeping a BOP is a long term commitment.

Too many people, IMO are too quick to buy and swop their hawks. Some will go through several each year.......

I prefer to keep them and find that as the seasons go on, they improve year on year.

ATB with your choice.

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You will learn more from a redtail than a Harris hawk, Harris are good birds, but CAN give the impression that falconry is easy, and despite what many think, do need a gentle touch as they have a mentality all of their own, to be honest if you have a mentor you can have whatever bird you want, but a red will give you a very good introduction indeed.

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