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A Lovely Evening Flight.

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Well another very enjoyable flight down on the marsh this evening. Once again I set up on my favourite little gutter, hide all set up & a mother line put out with 4 decoys attached. Me and the dog settled in for what seemed like an age before the tide started to finally fill the small muddy inlet.


About twenty minutes after the tide started to push birds began to move. All seem to be heading in the same direction. ... totally the wrong way to where I was set up !!!!


Then out of know where a pack of 7 teal came whizzing low and fast up the inlet I was waiting on. I took my chances and managed to drop a single bird out of the pack. It fell out onto the open exposed mud. Once again young teal was called upon to fetch the bird. Just like always she was full of enthusiasm and determination, out she strode across the open mud and made another beautiful retrieve with the bird brought straight back to hand.


As we waited more duck began to appear from the gloom as the light was rapidly starting to fade. Buy alas I shot like a total plum ( not very unusual for me in afraid ) and I failed to connect with anything else for the remainder of the flight. But what a lovely little flight it was and end up with a teal for a Teal.




Cheers all HH

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