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If it's under the foot And feels hot I would put a corn plaster on it to ease the pressure u can put it on with the long plaster u cut in strips yourself I've used kids paracetamol liquid before and put 1.5 mil in a chick bird was holding its wing back straight in 24 hours

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Had dog with funny elbow good few years back. Was lamped 3 times a week hard and long shifts.

Metacam gave this dog possibly another season than it should of really had.

I rate it highly from personal experience.

It's fantastic stuff, I first saw it used on terriers and hounds five years ago and then later on lurchers and hawks. Its longer term use for old and arthritic dogs is something more people and vets are looking into. It has certainly done wonders for my old dog and I thought I was going to have to PTS two years ago.

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a week has been long enough on the three occasions mines been injured. Metacam used long term on any animal can cause damage to organs, kidneys if I remember right so don't overdo it. Like I mentioned you have to sign a disclaimer before a vet will let you use it on a hawk so there could be a risk.

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Just an update. She's started gripping with her bad foot again and the swelling does look to have reduced slightly. She was using her foot to grab the chicks today rather than using the other foot only so some improvement at least. Plenty of rest and she should be ok. Just glad it happened this early on rather than during he season

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Anything that is anti inflamitory takes a while to work usually a week ish i think and youve got to take it regular.

Metacam works quickly, i first saw it being used on terriers and the difference between using it and the 10mg per lb aspirin I always used was noticeable. It's Just brilliant. I wouldn't be without it and dernagel when treating my injured animals.

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