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Kennel And Run Ideas

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I went for wood for mine , as said make sure drainage is good , better to put it to a main sewer rather than soak away if you can as its going to end up getting crap hair and all sorts down there and a soak away will end up blocked / stinking .


My pair have insulated sleeping boxes inside the kennel.


I've looked at these myself but they didn't work out much cheaper than the solid Galv panels. Not sure how it would work out building your own. But I think I'm going down the solid panel route next with bar dividers and bar front gates. Small wooden kennel inside or a plastic barrel and a decent roof...20E37AB2-2A19-49DE-9E67-D1AFACB83484_zps
gaz that's similar to what I'm doing only a block of 4 runs- 4ft x4ft each for my terriers-solid dividing partions and mesh door fronts-comes in at just under 700 notes for metalwork then got to put a roof on it,that's around another 100/150-they will have 30 l blue plastic barrels filled with sawdust and straw up off the floor.got all the drainage channels foc from site.worked it out at around 1050 all in.my lurcher runs 3.2m X2.0m and only has the one young dog in there as the wife has brought the old girl into the house.only gets up for a piss/walk or food lazy bitch lol.best thing about panels is they easy to take down/add on if need be ;) atb dc

Yeah panels are really mobile and modular.

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My setup

very proud of mine ,can wash their bedding while walking them.

Mine.like being said make sure you have good drainage.

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Mine.like being said make sure you have good drainage.



0160318_150446.jpg rsz_


How much that cost you ?
it cost me a fair few pound on concerete to raise the back to get a good flow for drainage done alot of work myself.around 3000 worth every penny.
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heard few stories of dogs nearly killing each other in and out of kennel when they have lived and worked along side each other for years

There's only so much we can do though isn't there. Okay so you use solid panels in the kennel for dividers. But mine aren't 24/7 kennel dogs what only come out for a few hours a week like some.

Can I not go a walk along the shop when they are playing in the garden?

Can I not take a bath in case they kick off in the kitchen?

Should I keep them in separate cages in the motor incase they decide to kill each other when I'm driving on the motorway?

Or do you socialise the dogs well from young, let them experience plenty of time together as a pack in and around the house and give them plenty of graft and excersise so they are chilled out and relaxed and then hope for the best?

In a word, no.


There have been plenty of cases over the years of people losing their dogs in fights, or confiscations because someone has heard a fight and the police/RSPCA have got there before the owner.


my dogs are all kennelled individually. If I'm not DIRECTLY supervising them (walking or training or playing in the garden) they go in their kennels or on chains so they can't each each other. When we go in the motor they are all muzzled. I'll be investing in seperate cages as soon as I get the set up right.

This must be a joke surely ?

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