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Bull X Cocker...

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What's the next step for these bull cockers when you've got to replace them lads ? Breed em tight or outcross to other breeds/types ?

I think the original plan was to breed to cocker again for 3/4 cocker 1/4 bull. But I'm sure mud will confirm, that's the fella who bred them.


Personally I would look to put a hard spaniel or beagle X spaniel over my bitch.


Then maybe go back to the bull after that to keep the bull blood there. But a little bull goes a long way I think and 1/4 would probably be enough.

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Gaz any of you's heard how the lad from Stoke is getting on with his dog atb mud

Yes mate I saw him at a funeral the other week. We only spoke briefly as it wasn't really the time or place to be talking dogs but he is very happy with his bitch. Says she is doing very well. Works as well as his full spaniel and just as controllable but got that extra power and strength for retrieving shot foxes.

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