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Number Five Came To The Call

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This morning i had some one ask me if i could get him some Venison so i gave my Mate a ring and said he can come over tonight and we could go have a look see,he got to mine at 6.45 pm and off we went to a near by Farm where the other evening we saw a Buck and 2 Does we got into position and sat it out until 8.30pm giving the odd call on the Buttalo but nothing showed. Last night we were out foxing and we came across a really good Buck chasing hard after a Doe so that was the next place we went but we blanked again , we were losing the light so i had a couple of small fields just up the road and on our arrival there was a lone Doe walking up under the far Hedge i said to my mate get ready as there could be a Buck close by, she was close to 300 yards away my mate was resting on the gate post when the Doe to off closely followed by a Buck round and round up and down he was chasing hard then she jumped the hedge and into a really wet field covered with all sorts of Bracken , brambles and rushes i thought our chance had gone as the Buck jumped over aswell, the Buck reappeared after a minute or 2 back into the field so i gave a couple of blows he stopped and looked our way 2 steps forward head held high another blow and he started coming straight down the hedge closer and closer hew stopped at 80 ish yards and was scenting the air but we were down wind another yard or 2 and my mate took number 5 Roe Buck with a neck shot and we had the bloke his Venison another good night with the Buttalo ..




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