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Another Attack...london

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RIP to the poor lady who lost her life and a speedy recovery to the injured. Whatever the motives it was a cowardly attack, mental health issue or not most of these Somalians have no respect for fck a

Thats the official line these days. "Mentally disturbed" just don't mention islam in case of a backlash!   Again being treated like were fukn idiots. Every c**t knows whos to blame even my fukn du

We can't kill them. That would be wrong and might send out the wrong impression. We'll put a tag on them and everything will be ok...   Pathetic....it's about time we had a strong leader that would

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I don't understand why anyone would care if a nutter from an Islamic country who went psycho and stabbed people was mistaken for a terrorist or is just a nutter. Bgd just likes to find ways to disconnect islam from these things for some reason.


Im not into all the them v us nonsense mate i nail my colours to the mast on these things if i had my way we would of f****d the lot of them off years ago.....its just my understanding that terrorists commit these acts wanting people to know they are terrorists so purely as an individual case i just dont really see how this one was.....thats all.
I wish you had your way years ago, lol.
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