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Bushing Dog Class At Peover Hall This Year..!

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I know ste bred them to hunt cover and not earth dogs just the early stuff once you showed them a hole that was it ;no going back!

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Sadie was his good bitch that produced them dogs I think 'Bosun ,one man who has good terriers said he had great dogs of him years ago ' it done a long time to ground all its life .he was across the pond

Your right Pabs, it was Sadie. Well remembered.

I could see the 'well chewed' old girl in my head but couldn't find her name. Cheers.

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Ste was a top man I had the pleasure of huntin wit him an seen his bushing dogs top class hope to see I load Ov bushing dogs at the show

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Old Red won last year, 14 yr old bitch she was,sadly had to be pts a few week ago, done some serious work old Red so well deserved her name on the trophy, bring ye bushing dogs this year see can ye get your dogs name on it atb At 


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On 21/07/2016 at 07:38, krawnden said:


Out of interest Bosun - did Ste get to the point where he'd created a line that bred pretty much true to type, or was he outcrossing at each generation ie back to a spaniel, then back to a terrier, back to a hound etc?

He put good worker to good worker line breeding the dogs hand picking which made the grade and which never we have pictures of the whole breeding of the dogs from 1990ish up to today 

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