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Long Awaited......

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My thanks to John B for allowing me to see a copy of G.S.Water's manual,."Professional Rabbit Snaring"...

I say manual,.(as opposed to book),simply because this unique epistle really is, the definitive work on the subject of catching rabbits with snares. In a world,.so often choc-full of liars, exaggerators and worst of all, users,..this work is a breath of fresh air..

Glenn's words cut through the antiquated bluff and bullshit, like a hot knife through butter,...he speaks as he finds,..and by that I mean, he does not mince his words or suffer fools gladly. I have felt his wrath on several occasions and have been on the receiving end of a tirade of abuse, when my own lack of practical ability has failed to come up to scratch.. :laugh:

I was always brought up to tell strangers nothing,..to never educate folk who would seek to use you for their own ends.. The seemingly lost arts of Snaring, Long Netting, Gate netting, etc,..were best kept , 'in the family',.so to speak,.however, Glen has always disagreed with me and said instead,."Ya cannot take it with ya"....and perhaps he is right... :hmm:


For anyone with a penchant to learn the snaring business from a genuine master, this is your best chance...In terms of erudite and complete instruction,......there will never be anything to rival this treatise,..so,..forget all the antiquated nonsense that has been passed down from fool to fool and take this opportunity to benefit from the author's 60 years of practical application.

My days as a pro rabbiter are over,..but I can still shape a brass wire,.put tension in the noose, 'cock the eye' and place the primitive trap on the right beat,.and use an ancient tool to capture a dinner,..

This is all thanks to that long journey I made so many years ago.

I packed my bags, boarded the National Express and vowed to stay away from home until I had acquired the necessary skills to call myself a snare man..

I learned from the best, and yes, it was emotional,...but now, this knowledge is available to all and sundry,....only a fool would walk on by.


All the best to both publisher and writer,...I predict this instructional manual will never be surpassed.... :thumbs:

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