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Bellman And Flint?

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have a look on ebay.com lots for sale in America, even with postage will be cheaper than bellman and flint, I bought a pieps dsp sport box brand new from ebay skiing company shop from America with postage for $200 plus postage for $30. which works out at around £140 & £20.

b&f asking for £285 money saved there will pretty much pay for a new collar. Ive had the old pieps box and the red box and I preferred the old box so I though ide give this newer version a try

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Just get the red bellman! It's made by a terrier man for terrier men and if something goes wrong a lot of lads are getting new ones sent out free pretty quick and made in uk! The pieps have gone up to about £186 snow Eu website plus postage so roughly £200 to get it here then if it brakes how long do you have to wait for it to come back? Plus messing around unscrewing them changing battery's, the red bellman is a sealed unit just drop it in charger and away you go, so over the life time of having it replacing batteries are you really saving money? And the noise of the pieps is annoying as f**k! I know where my money would go support the uk

I wanted to order one straight from them if sooner pay more money and have confidence it will last when my dogs are involved, I just didn't know if the green one was better and if it's coming back in stock or what hahaha. I'll order one one 👍

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